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digital health roadmap

Navigating to the near future

The onset of COVID-19 marked the beginning of a massive digital transformation of healthcare, confirming that without good health there’s no society, economy or really anything.

Now, as we map our way out of the global pandemic, we find that ideas of spirit, purpose, scale and empathy are more valid than ever before for our collective mission to improve people’s health.

A drive to make healthcare both more sustainable and more accessible should be a key part of the way forward and, as innovators, we should all help carry the torch of science and technology.

Digital innovation is by far our best option to navigate the uncharted territory ahead of us. The pioneering years are over; the pilot years should be over too. We need to scale what works, armed with the rigor of scientific evidence, to quickly create the highest possible positive impact for the future of the healthcare ecosystem.

In this white paper we outline a series of transformative digital trends for health and the broader healthcare sector. Our expert contributors have shaped a detailed picture of those trends with the greatest potential to impact the near future. Taken together, they provide a roadmap for pharma, digital health, medical device and insurance tech companies.